I'm also available for hire as a freelance writer.

During my career so far, I've written everything from screenplays, to comedy sketches, treatment decksvoiceover scripts, poster taglines, and much more. 
Pretty much every project I've worked on, I've also written on.

My work has gone on to win pitches, win awards and win clients.
It's been read by A List talent, broadcast on TV, printed on billboards across the world, performed on radio, gone viral online... The list goes on.

Whether you're in need of a script writer or a copy writer, I'd love to discuss your project and see how I can help you.

I'm also available to consult on your scripts or initial ideas, helping you build tone, craft engaging stories and perfect your dialogue, elevating your project into the best version of itself.

Please drop me an email for samples of my work, and to discuss rates.