Kid Kapichi - 'Death Dips' (MUSIC VIDEO)

A 16mm love letter to 70s B Movies; written, produced, shot and released in just 2 weeks on a low budget.

Music video for Kid Kapichi - Death Dips, off the forthcoming EP “Sugar Tax”, out 19th July 2019.

When a Producer discovers a band's music has unexplainable powers, it’s not long before his ego gets in the way…

Director: James Green
Producer: Dan Matthews
DOP: Ben Marshall
Co Producer: Ben Pierce, James Green
Gaffer: Mark French
Styling: Philly Piggott
Clapper Loader: Giles Warner
Clapper Loader: Edward Vijayavargiya
Casting Producer: Alice Denny
HMU: Aimee Loosley
Art Department: Faith Powell
Best Boy: Ben Tomkins
Runner: Dixie Mooncie
Editor: James Green
Colourist: Marty McMullan at Silk
VFX: Matt Sheern
Prop Graphic Design: Joseph Gregory
Main cast: Ryan Sim-Savage, Gavin Juniper, Hayden Cornner, Conor McNeilly, Tobio Lotto, Katy Howman, Delali Ayivi

Band Management: Tom Burris, IE Music

Shot on Kodak 16mm 500T from Frame24, scanned at Cinelab London.

Special thanks:
 Kabir Malik, Aarti Mahtani, Ryan Sim-Savage and Savage Sound Studios, Tidza Karup, anyone who helped provide kit, and all the wonderful extras who turned up and made it a fun day.