Kid Kapichi - Thugs (Music Video)

A comedic narrative video for Kid Kapichi, leaning on a retro, B-Movie inspired tonality with a tongue-in-cheek political edge.

Pulled together in record time with a low budget, shooting on the British coast during Storm Ciara (what perfect timing).

Director - James Green
Director of Photography - Richard Bell
Producer - Dan Matthews
A Ramshackle Production

Camera Operator - Rory Tilford
Second Camera - Richard Bell
Focus Puller - Rory Hern
Gaffer - Mark French
Camera Assistant - Francesca Amoroso
Costume Designer & Styling - Philly Piggott
Casting - James Green, Dan Matthews, Lillie Pierce & Philly Piggott
Hair & Makeup - Aimee Looseley
HMU Assistants - Kim Smith, Alice Whitehill
Art Direction - Faith Powell
Catering - Jed Wrobel @ The Albion
Runner - Charlotte Hesmer
BTS Photography - Alice Denny
Editor - James Green
Assistant Editor - Henry Cramer-Todd
Grade - Marty McMullan at Silk (Bubble TV)
Colour Producer - Andrew Patrick

Horse Handler & Riding Co-ordinator - Sophie
Horses provided by Hyfield Riding School

Hyfield Riding School, Rachel North, The Crown Public House, Tommy’s Pizza, Sophie Hale, Ben Marshall, Ben Pierce, Kabir Malik, Focus24, Bubble TV, The Albion, Ko & Juan

Head of the Family - Steve Furst
Red Coat 1 - Mars Sams
Red Coat 2 - Sam Woodhams
Red Coat 3 - Kelly Jane Humphrey
The Butler - Sam Willett
Kid Kapichi - Themselves
Villager 1 - Bob Tipler
Villager 2 - Julie Tucker Williams
Villager 3 - Sally Lampit
Villager 4 - Royston Du Maurier-Lebek

Lead Hunter - Kelly Jayne Humphrey
Lead Hunter - Ruby Humphrey
Lead Hunter - Chloe Marchant
Background Hunter One - Paul Denne
Background Hunter Two - Seth Humphry
Background Hunter Three - Ellie Buontempo
Background Hunter Four - Jordan Hiesley-White

Matt Simpson
Lily Kim
Connor McNeilly
Luke Tullett
Elisha Edwards
Willa Watson
Liv Greenwood
Ryan Rajistan James
Ben Giubarelli
Annette Coppin
Laura Coppin
Zoe Daniels
Claudine Ecclestone
Emalia Genie Safia Matin
Philly Piggott
Aimee Looseley
Harry Hildreth
Dan Willett
Dave Oakley
Peter Wilson
Alfie Field
Luke Odufona